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Pink Panther remake sequel gets a Director

ReturnofthePinkPanther_Poster.jpgOh sweet lord, Hollywood are insane enough to make a sequel to their Pink Panther remake, a remake that should never have even been attempted in the first place, and now they've found someone mad enough to actually helm the sequel.

The man who directed Agent Cody Banks, Harald Zwart, is the next one who seems to have decided he can manage to bring something worthwhile to the Peter Sellers created character. According to Rope of Silicon Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber are the men behind the script, and the untitled sequel seems set for a start date in August.

If I could get angry about these things anymore then I would be above seething and perhaps even in the livid scale already. Remaking the classic comedy with a comic talent nowhere near that of Peter Sellers was just idiotic, and making a sequel to it is even more so.

Oh, and I don't think I said, Steve Martin is returning to the role of Jacques Clouseau. Do the words fading career and cash cow come to mind?



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