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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in discussions

POTC-WorldsEnd-Pic.jpgThe second sequel story of the day is about that all important Pirates of the Caribbean 4 film and just how close it is. Apparently it's quite a few years away, but the ideas are being banded around already for a return, and it looks as though it will be staying true to the ending of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

The ending of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Filmstalker review), which you can actually see online here, gives us a strong indication of where the next film will go, and frankly it's a direction that I didn't think the studio would go until now.

For those of you who haven't seen the film and still want to spoiler free, turning away now would be a good idea.

One of those inside sources has revealed what the inside chat is on the sequel of the film, and although there's nothing concrete about it and they are just throwing round ideas, there are a few things that seem certain.

For a start it does look like both Elizabeth and Will are out of the story. That's no surprise considering where the previous one left off, their fate was pretty much sealed. However I thought that perhaps Will would be the hero to return with the magical ship and crew to help save the day in the next one, but perhaps not. Thankfully though, there's no son story being talked of yet.

Over at Cinema Blend they have an insiders word for it. There's talk of the fountain of youth, as well as discussion of flying machines rather than ships, of Atlantis, and of Jules Verne. You can read the scoopers quote over there, but frankly I'm looking at this with sceptical eyes.

I think what we're hearing about is a complete brainstorming session where any ideas are being taken to the table and banded around. Frankly taking the story to the skies is a very strange, and risky move for the characters. Where would the swashbuckling go? However the good news is that they are set to focus on Captain Jack and Barbossa, something that Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Depp have both hinted at already.

I don't know, I think it all sounds wrong to me right now. Either leave the series along or come back with a good pirates tale for their return. Don't do something too silly with it, and make sure next time you have enough material for the amount of films you plan.



At the very end of the credits it shows elizbeth and a boy( which to me seems like her son, and i want to know who is the dad) so from my point of view, it seems either elizabeth and will had a son or elizabeth adopted him. and i no this sounds really weird but maybe elizabeth and jack had him and will doesnt no about the kid yet. i no who the boy is, i saw him from different movies and to me he looks more like jack then Will.


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