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Plots revealed for Kill Bill sequels

KillBill.jpgThere's a Producer from the Kill Bill films suggesting that there are two more films in the series with plotlines already written by Quentin Tarantino and that they are expected to be filmed in China.

That's the word from Producer Bennett Walsh at the Shanghai International Film Festival the other day, and the story that is all over the web right now, caught through The Guardian.

Apparently the third film would have two killers hunting down Uma Thurman's character and acting out their revenge. The interesting thing is it would be two of the killers that she has already had her revenge upon in the first two films. There's no word who as yet, but it does suggest that it would be people who have had their eyes and arms hacked out/off by the samurai sword wielding woman.

Tarantino has talked about his desire to pitch Vivicia A. Fox's character against Uma Thurman again, so that could well be one.

Walsh then went on to tell the Hangzhou City Express newspaper that the fourth film would see the character's daughters pitching against each other for another bought of revenge. Damn that revenge, it never stops.

Well whatever the ideas, they are only plot outlines just now, and Tarantino is taking some time to promote the ill-fated Death Proof and finish writing Inglorious Bastards. Writing, for Tarantino, takes a very long time, as does getting a film to the big screen, so imagine a long wait for Inglorious and then these Kill Bill films. That is, if they ever happen.



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