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Polo joins Pollak on Two: Thirteen

KevinPollak.jpgTeri Polo has joined the cast of the thriller Two: Thirteen which is already set to star Dwight Yoakam, Mark Pellegrino, Mark Thompson and Kevin Pollak.

The story of Two: Thirteen sounds rather unusual. Teri Polo will star as a detective who is tracking down a serial killer who has a love of Shakespeare, and who could blame him? Mark Thompson plays a profiler who has just returned from psychiatric leave and is assigned to the case - we can all see where that character is going, and it won't be a healthy place. Mark Pellegrino will play one of the killer's targets, Dwight Yoakam a suspect, and the excellent Kevin Pollack will play a supporting role as the profiler's psychiatrist.

Thompson wrote the screenplay, and Charles Adelman is directing according to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon.

Looking at that list it's a real shame that Pollack isn't getting a better and better role. He's a superb actor who really is underused. In fact I can't think of him in anything but supporting roles, and not very big ones at that. Perhaps his best being in The Usual Suspects.



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