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Range to create missing child drama

GabrielRange.jpgGabriel Range is the man behind Death of a President (Filmstalker review) that created controversy for faking George Bush being shot, (grammatically that sentence implies something else!) now he's writing and directing a fictional drama based on a real event he discovered while making documentaries.

The story is about a man who turns up at a couple's home one day to tell them that he is their son, a son who disappeared years before.

Gabriel Range believes that this is one of the strangest tales he's heard, from Variety:

"Of all the stories I covered while making documentaries, this was the most extraordinary story I've ever come across, with the most extraordinary central character, whom I'd spent hours interviewing in a federal detention center,"

In the article Range says that the tale has some surprising twists and turns, but it would be hard to outdo the controversy from the previous film, not that he would want to.

Controversy aside it seems that the story is an interesting one and since it is based on actual events as well as turning to people and characters for a tale, rather than explosions and effects, I think this might be a refreshing change from what we've been seeing.

The other thing to consider is Range himself, although there were flaws with Death of a President, he's shown that he can really pull together a strong dramatic film.



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