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Redford's Lions for Lambs first clip online

RobertRedford.jpgThe first footage for Lions for Lambs is online. This is the film about three seemingly unconnected stories which weave together starring Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and directed by Redford.

One of the stories is about a Senator, played by Tom Cruise, and an investigative journalist, played by Meryl Streep. Another is where Redford plays a professor trying to inspire one of his students, and the third is where a pair of American soldiers are wounded in enemy territory.

You can see a small taster of the film in the main article which gives us a few moments from the main actors. This is a superb cast and with Redford directing it's bound to be strong. See what you think.

The video comes from YouTube through Rope of Silicon.



Looks like its going to be a very strong film!

i think that lions or lambs was a very truthful movie and people who are so against what is said are the ones that need to wake up anddo something. The people woh go out to attack this movie protest way to much for them not to be the very people this movie is referring to. Before you judge this based on your own ignorance and predjudice and fear why dont you stop listen and look at your own life and how it relates.


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