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Reeves turning down Watchmen may not be good

KeanuReeves.jpgSo Keanu Reeves has turned down Watchmen. The news is everywhere and really I don't get it.

The rumour was that he was up for the part of either Doctor Manhattan or Ozymandias, now if it was Manhattan I think he was a good choice. Manhattan is the only person with real super powers in the story, a creature who is almost always naked (apart from a modest posing pouch), is entirely blue, can control the molecular structure of anything, and has no emotion whatsoever. Well now I can see Keanu Reeves pulling that role off really well, can't you?

Now the story is different if the character was to be Ozymandias. That man is charasmatic, manipulative, highly intelligent, very strong, and extremely cunning. Now Tom Cruise would have been perfect for that role I think, but definitely not Reeves.

So I really do think that could be a hit or a miss depending on who he was being considered for. The news comes from Club Keanu through Coming Soon and Obsessed With Film.

Although it still isn't from the horses mouth as yet, it is pretty strong as the guys at Club Keanu managed to get the response from his agent that he had been offered a role and turned it down. I think whichever role he played that turning down Watchmen could have been a poor move for Reeves. After all what else is he going to be doing? He has one film on the slate and nothing since The Lake House.



I like Keanu. I really do. Sure, he's no Oscar winner but a little corner of my heart tells me the guy still has some acting chops he can dig out...if he took a role in maybe a little indie film. Look at his performance in "The Matrix". Sure, it's no award winner but he's pretty damned good in that one.

I'm not worried that he'll have trouble finding another role but it does surprise me a little that he passed up the opportunity to work with Snyder. I assumed he'd jump on that band wagon pretty darn quick.

Yeah, it surprised me too, and not just Snyder, but Watchmen.

Matrix was okay, but he's had much better performances. Chumbscrubber was a corker.


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