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Ridley Scott making Monopoly film?

RidleyScott.jpgAccording to reports Ridley Scott is going to be adapting one of the most strangest projects for the big screen yet. A big screen adaptation of the board game Monopoly.

Yes, I could hardly believe it myself, and actually I still don't. I can't see what there could possibly be in a film about Monopoly, can you? The source is known for carrying rumours, so perhaps this might not happen, but the story is there and baffling too.

It's slightly confusing in that it states Ridley Scott is to turn the board game into a comedy thriller and that he has been promised his pick of actors, then it goes on to say that Hasbro has been promised "sexy young people" for the film by the Hollywood agency William Morris.

The story comes from WENN through Starpulse News Blog.

Monopoly is the board game where you buy property and fall fowl of landing on other peoples purchased property where you have to pay rent, etc.

I'm not entirely sure what role Scott is performing and if this is just a story from Hasbro and the agency for a project that is in its infancy. Actually it does sound like that and nothing more, and we'll probably see loads of changes before it reaches a real film, probably top of the list of changes is that Scott won't be attached.

Seriously, could you see Ridley Scott directing a Monopoly comedy thriller, and what could the script possibly be about?!



Imagine that. Get out of my house, you haven't paid your rent & are going to Jail, but wait, he has a "Get out of Jail Free" card, hmm what to do? I know I'll see what the Community Chest has to offer. & so on lol


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