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Rorschach cast in Watchmen?

JackieEarleHaley.jpgThere's a strong rumour going about that the first official casting has been made on Watchmen, and the casting is for the character of Rorschach no less.

The actor Paddy Considine was, apparently, the man attached to play the character of Rorschach when the film was going to be made with Paul Greengrass. Rorschach is the masked vigilante who is the guide through much of the story, and is the one who keeps faith in the heroes. Albeit a somewhat off kilter faith, yes it's fair to say he's a little mad.

Well Paddy Considine has revealed on his official site that the role has now been offered to Jackie Earle Haley, the man who received an Oscar nomination for Little Children. The news comes through Superhero Hype.

Just one look at Jackie Earle Haley and you can see the Rorschach build there without a doubt. I think that Considine is a superb choice as well, but Haley is even more wirey and rough, and you can really see the character there already. What do you think, a good start to the casting? Who's going to be next?



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