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Sammy Davis Jr. actor chosen

SammyDavisJr.jpgI recently wrote about the Sammy Davis Jr. films that were in development, well now there's news that one of them has cast their lead, and while initially the idea is surprising, when you think a little about it you can see the fit.

Andre 3000 aka André Benjamin, the lead singer of Outkast and an actor in his own right who I saw giving a great performance in Four Brothers, will be cast in the film that looks at Sammy Davis Jr.'s controversial relationship with Kim Novak.

The story comes from WENN through Starpulse News Blog. Now I'm not one to pander to political correctness gone mad, so belt yourselves to your chairs…

Sammy Davis Jr. was black while Kim Novack was white, and in the 1950's (and in some places even today) caused controversy for the stars and their careers, and there are unconfirmed rumours that the couple were forced to split up after Novak's studio bosses called her and pressured her into ending the affair.

The saddest thing is that their love for each other was brought out in the open and made a huge public affair because of the colours of their skin. Never mind that one was a superb actress and the other one of the best entertainers and singers of his time. After all this was the beginning of the civil rights movement in the 1950's.

As reported before this is not the only Sammy Davis Jr. film to be coming out, there are three others in the works at the moment, and I'm glad that we're going to see more of this great entertainer. Actually I was just listening to the Rat Pack this morning as we raced around cleaning the house!

Going back to Benjamin playing the great man, I think it is actually a really good fit. If you look at the two on stage they do share a charisma and a great performance ability, there's also a certain similarity, but the real question will be if Benjamin is singing as Sammy Davis Jr. or not, and if he is whether he can sing like the great man.



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