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Scott Card's Empire directed by Wolfgang Petersen

OrsonScottCard.jpgOrson Scott Card's novels have been having an up and down time in Hollywood, Ender's Game was put in turnaround while Empire was picked by Joel Silver. Now Empire has a writer on board.

Oren Moverman is the writer assigned to adapt the novel Empire (Amazon.com details / Amazon.co.uk details), a story that sees an American in the future ravaged by civil war.

The President and the Vice President have both been murdered, and a radical group have taken over New York City and are declaring themselves the rightful government of America. While some states agree, others don't, and soon the country is split and a new civil war is underway. Meanwhile some special ops get together and try to uncover the mystery behind the assassinations and restore power to the rightful government.

The story from Variety has a comment from Moverman:

"The premise is balanced by an entertaining storyline that is not some dark and foreboding polemic."

The whole idea sounds interesting, and the news that Wolfgang Petersen is directing the film and that it's going to be getting a big scale screen treatment all sounds good. Wolfgang Petersen has an amazing track record of films and is well suited for this, while Oren Moverman through has a somewhat unknown career.

Could this be a good move for Orson Scott Card's novel, and is it the best one to make it to the cinema first?



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