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Sean Penn's Into the Wild trailer looks superb

SeanPenn.jpgSean Penn's next directorial outing Into the Wild sounds a most interesting film, and the trailer is now online to show you just that. It looks heartfelt, full of passion and with some great visuals.

The story, as I wrote about before, is based on a true one. Sean Penn wrote adapted the screenplay from the novel by Jon Krakauer which...Now turn away if you don't want to know the story...

...tells the tale of Christopher McCandless, a high school graduate who abandoned his material possessions in 1992 and hitchhiked to Alaska to live in the wilderness. His dead body was found four months later in an abandoned bus at a remote campsite.

The trailer looks really good, and what's more is that the film carries a great cast too. There's Vince Vaughn, William Hurt and Catherine Keener alongside the lead of Emile Hirsch.

You can watch it over at /Film [Flash:Embed], mainly because I'm too lazy to go and grab the embed code from MySpace!

I'm a big fan of Penn and I love to see him in front of the camera or behind it, and with such a fascinating story. Once again about a loner from society, someone who wants to break away from it, or to break it itself.



I agree, this trailer looks excellent not to mention that this looks like a standout performance for Emile Hirsch.

This was the story that started all the fuss?


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