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See Hallam Foe for free

HallamFoe.jpgFancy seeing Hallam Foe for free? Well you can in this very, very easy competition.

Hallam Foe tells the story of a young man who is something of a voyeur, taking to the rooftops of Edinburgh to spy on others, a practice which leads him to love and obsession. Meanwhile he's trying to expose the real cause of his Mother's death...

The film stars Jamie Bell, Sophia Myles, Ciarán Hinds, Ewan Bremner and Claire Forlani.

I wanted to see the film but couldn't make the press screening, however a regular reader was given the lucky task of going to see the film and reviewing it for us - expect to see that live tomorrow.

So how can you see Hallam Foe? Simple, just head over to The Film Factory, through Get Your People, and register for the competitions, then you've got an incredibly easy question to answer and you're away.

There are also a few other competitions to win goodies like free Scrubs DVD's and a free Blu-ray system, well worth it.



I'll be looking forward to that review indeed!!! ;P

me too. ;-)

Are you blushing Ram? :P


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