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Senior rockers film

YoungatHeart.jpgThis is a bizarre but wonderful tale. A documentary that tells the story of a group of rock and pop singing senior citizens has been optioned by Working Title with a view to making a feature film out of the idea.

The documentary, Young@Hart by Stephen Walker, follows an internationally renowned chorus of older people who sing pop and rock songs. The Young at Heart Chorus follows strict musical direction and works hard on delivering strong and professional performances, and have been performing for some twenty five years.

There's no other news on the announcement from Yahoo News, and no writer or director, but the story itself does sound one of these heart warming tales that would make you look on the brighter side of life.

Near where I am there's a brass band that are internationally renowned and have travelled to foreign competitions and have even been known for their acid house covers. Now they would make an excellent film, especially from what I hear about the partying efforts on the travelling!



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