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Shoot 'Em Up to be a franchise?

ShootEmUp.jpgWe saw the trailer for Shoot 'Em Up back in September of last year, and again just a few days ago. Despite the film not being seen yet the Director has said that he's keen to make a sequel and already has a script.

Michael Davis has said that he feels Shoot 'Em Up is the start of a franchise, and although his comments are confusing...

"What happened in this movie which is great, throughout the movie Paul Giamatti keeps saying 'Who are you Mr. Hero?' And then he says, 'Oh you're this guy. This is you. Isn't that you?' Smith (Owen) never says, 'Yeah you got my back story.' So the back story in 'Shoot 'Em Up' supports some of the themes and emotions of the movie, but I never had Clive Owen admit to it...

...So if I ever wanted to do a sequel and create a different back story that had a little bit more residence for the new story, I could make up a new back story which I think is kind of fun. I think once you give up the mystery behind the hero and you know everything about him, it's less fun."

...I'm not really sure if he's admitting to anything there, but according to Coming Soon he told them that the script is written, he wants to do it, and he's planning on submitting it to the studio in the summer. The rest is up to us I would suggest.

If we go and see it and it's a success then we'll give them the push to make it, if we don't then chances are it won't be made. The trailer has me interested enough to think I would be willing for a sequel so far...now we just have to see the first film.



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