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Sigaw, The Echo, gains lead

Sigaw_Poster.jpgIt's been a while since we heard that the very strong Sigaw (Filmstalker review) was heading for a Hollywood remake in the form of The Echo, and not just that but with the original co-writer and director, Yam Laranas, on board and set to direct. Now to add to the interest we hear of one of the leads being cast, and the news is good.

Jesse Bradford, who recently appeared in Flags of Our Fathers, has signed to play the ex convict who moves into an old apartment building and starts to intervene in a case of domestic abuse going on in a neighbour's flat. When he does he discovers that he's already far too involved and that there's no escape until the very end.

I'm excited that Yam Laranas is directing the remake, the original had some superb moments, and really did capture tension well and give a quite unsettled feeling. It's also great news from Yahoo News that the plot hasn't seemingly changed that much.

For those of you who don't know Laranas' work you can see a creepy little short he made on a mobile phone for Nokia's advertising. It is superbly done and is hard to believe it is just a mobile phone, especially since it is so creepy.

He really does know how to get to the audience, and so I'm really looking forward to this bigger budget remake although a full remastered DVD release of Sigaw would be superb too.



Hey, good on him!


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