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Six Million Dollar Man film gets budget cut

SixMillionDollarMan.jpgI remember ages ago a Six Million Dollar Man film was talked about, and now it appears it might well happen, although it'll be a different film to the one first planned. This one will be a comedy and be called The 40,000 Dollar Man.

John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have sold their script to New Line, and the US film will see a comic version of the film that could have promised much more.

The story comes from Coming Soon, and it doesn't fill me with joy. I'm not against comedies, but I just can't see this working out well, I would have preferred a more serious version of the story that updates the series and brings it more in line with today's technologies.

The original bionic man television series called The Six Million Dollar Man saw Lee Majors playing an astronaut who has a terrible crash and has most of his body rebuilt using "bionic" body parts. This gives him extraordinary abilities of speed, power, sight and hearing, a real superhero if you will. With these powers the US Government takes him on board to undertake dangerous missions.

I loved the show, and it spawned the bionic woman series as well, a series that can now be seen brought back to life on the small screen right now. Interestingly the last I heard about this series is that it wasn't doing so well.

I'm really not up for a comedy version of the story, I'd prefer a Billion Dollar Man that's more akin to Terminator...that's just me though.



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