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Sophia Loren puts Tarantino in his place

SophiaLoren.jpgSophia Loren is rather upset with Mr Quentin Tarantino, and she hasn't minced her words when voicing her disapproval.

Recently at the Cannes Film Festival Tarantino claimed that Italian cinema was dead, and so when Sophia Loren took to her press conference for the Italian Australian Film Festival the media couldn't help but ask her about it. She wasn't pleased.

"It's not true, it's not true at all. There's so many things going on in Italian cinema, so beautiful, also new actors, new actresses...

...How dare he, how dare he talk about Italian cinema when he doesn't know anything about American cinema."

That's one hell of a retort through The Australian, consider yourself put down Mr Quentin Tarantino, and by the class of Sophia Loren no less. I think I'd just let this one go if I were you! I have to say though, that was a cracking comeback.



Touche indeed!

Quite nice. :D


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