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Stalked: 30 Days of Night photos and another D-War trailer


I'm really starting to look forward to 30 Days of Night. Before the attraction of the idea, graphic novel source and David Slade directing from a Stuart Beattie script were interesting points to pull me in, but when I saw the first trailer and the work done to film in near darkness, I was hooked. It looks superb. Now HorrorMovies.ca have a bunch of stills from the film that show is some more of those odd looking vampires and the darkened town. Oh, and Melissa George.

Meanwhile there's another trailer on the go for D-War. Well, when I say trailer I mean clips from all the other trailers we've seen before rearranged with a few extra filler shots. I have to say that this is the worst trailer I've ever watched. Yes the effects look good, but the disjointed feel and the shots thrown together with no rhyme nor reason. It doesn't bode well for the film. Anyway the new trailer can be seen after these words thanks to Obsessed With Film

D-War Trailer - video powered by Metacafe



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