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Stalked: Banks in Two Sisters Tale and 1408 clips

StephenKing.jpgEight clips are online for Stephen King's 1408 and Elizabeth Banks stars in the Tale of Two Sisters remake

Elizabeth Banks is set to star in the remake of Kim Jee-Woon's A Tale of Two Sisters for Hollywood. The story is about two sisters who return home after being in a mental institution, at home their recovery is set back by the cruel stepmother and an unfriendly ghost. The story is from The Hollywood Reporter through Moviehole.

IESB have managed to grab eight clips from the Stephen King adapted horror 1408. The film stars John Cusack as a man who debunks supernatural stories, until he arrives at room 1408. The hotel room is a notoriously haunted room and looks set to turn his disbelief around. He has to survive the night though in order to tell the tale.



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