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Stalked: Bell is Devil, Lordi film and G.I. Joe still on

Lordi.jpgTobin Bell plays the devil, the G.I. Joe film is still on the cards, and Lordi, the Eurovision Song Contest winners from last year, have had a large onflux of cash to their science fiction film Dark Floors.

Tobin Bell is set to cast off his bad boy image as Jigsaw and play…the devil. In Highway 61 a rock band manager arranges a meeting with the devil at the crossroads that the blues singer Robert Johnson made famous. Nick Thune is signed to play the lead guitarist of the band with Luke and Jeremy Jackson writing and directing. The story comes from Variety.

According to an article in Variety through Superhero Hype about the Hasbro line up for the year, there's a little hint that the G.I. Joe film is still on. The story says that Hasbro has "reupped" the deal with Paramount to make a film about the range of toy characters, this comes after the original agreement expired.

The Finnish Film Foundation have granted a whopping GB£200,000 to the Director Pete Riski and his science fiction film Dark Floors that will bring Lordi, the Eurovision Song Contest winners from 2006 to the big screen. According to Teletext the film is currently shooting in Northern Ireland and carries a Finnish cast with Irish extras, a very strange combination, but with a budget of GB£2.7 million there just might be something in it.

If you didn't see these guys they are a death metal band who dress up like orcs from Lord of the Rings. Yeah, they are scary. I wonder if they are playing evil creatures?



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