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Stalked: Clips for Hostel: Part II, Ocean's 13, Captivity and Daywatch

HostelPartII.jpgIt certainly is clip day today. So I thought I would bundle them all together and hang the search optimisation. We have Hostel: Part II, Daywatch (Dnevnoi Dozor), Ocean's 13 and Captivity, so quite a mixed bag this morning. Enjoy, this could take you all morning…to hell with work!

You can see six clips from Hostel: Part II over at MoviesOnline [Flash:Embed]. There's a couple that look similar to those that have been seen before, but there's definitely some new footage for this second, and definitely final film for Hostel.

HorrorMovies.ca [Flash:Embed] have a clip from Captivity for you. That's the Elisha Cuthbert starrer directed by Roland Joffé that caused the controversy with the billboards. It sees her kidnapped and tortured by an unseen man.

I'm really excited to see what Daywatch (Dnevnoi Dozor) has to offer after the excellent Nightwatch (Nochnoi Dozor) (Filmstalker review) hit our screens. Now you can see some more of the film over at MoviesOnline [Flash:Embed] who have captured six new clips.

Now, Ocean's 13 is up next with nine clips - count them, nine - from Rope of Silicon [Flash:Embed]. Oh I have to hurry up and see Ocean's 12 don't I?

Now that's your lot. There's more to come in the form of trailers, but let's get discussing some news first.



the daywatch clips impressed the hell out of me.

Yeah, I can't wait for Day Watch. thought the first one lacked one or two things tomake it really great, but the cliffhanger ending makes me want to watch DayWatch. And as Michael above says, the clips are impressive.


Ocean's 13 is my most looked forward to summer Blockbuster. Do yourself a favor and skip O12.

Oh yeah, the clips for Dnevnoi Dozor make it look superb. Hopefully this will bust the trilogy negativity that we've been seeing.

I'm keen for Ocean's 13 too...but I'd still rather see the second one before hand.


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