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Stalked: Danny DeVito, Mischa Barton, Rumer Willis, Patrick Wilson and Greg Kinnear

DannyDeVito.jpgMischa Barton and Rumer Willis join Bruce Willis in Assassination of a High School President, Danny DeVito is in a family type comedy called No Place Like Home, Patrick Wilson joins the racial harassed Lakeview Terrace with Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington and Greg Kinnear and Lauren Graham are in Flash of Genius about the windscreen wiper!

Mischa Barton and Rumer Willis have joined the cast of the formerly titled Assassination of a High School President, now called The Sophomore. The film is supposed to be a modern take on Chinatown in a high school. The most popular girl in her Catholic shool persuades a sophmore reporter to investigate the theft of some SAT exams, he uncovers that the school's President and the top sports student (jock) are responsible and a huge conspiracy appears. Bruce Willis plays the school prinicpal who believes in his Desert Storm harsh ways. The story comes from Reuters through Yahoo News.

Danny DeVito is returning to our screens in a comedy called No Place Like Home. The film focuses on a retired fireman who plans for a quiet life. However his plans are soon upturned by his unemployed twentysomething sons who haven't yet moved out and his wife won't let him kick them out to make their own way - You should put your foot down mate. So instead he kidnaps her so the sons are forced to fend for themselves...now that is extreme. The story coes from Variety, and it marks the welcome return of DeVito to comedy. Now make it good comedy.

Patrick Wilson has joined the cast of the thriller Lakeview Terrace which already stars Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington according to Variety. This is the story that has an interracial couple moving into a new home next to an LAPD officer who begins to racially harass them to get them out of his neighbourhood. No, before you go thinking it, Jackson plays the officer according to previous reports. The bad part of this is Neil LaBute is set to direct. Yes, Wicker Man remake.

Greg Kinnear is taking the lead in Flash of Genius, a film about the true story of Robert Kearns, the inventor of the intermittent windscreen (windshield) wiper who spent most of his life fighting for the rights of his stolen invention, stolen by the Detriot car manufacturers. Lauren Graham will play his wife, Phyllis Kearns. Marc Abraham makes his directorial debut on the film, a story that he bought the rights to from a New Yorker article and has been holding onto ever since. The story comes from Variety.



Just saw no place like home at a prescreening.. it stank badly. Davito was the only redeeming character. Otherwise, it's typical raunch that's been coming out lately.

Look for a 60 second dildo penetrating sleeping face routine, a few seconds of boobs, molestation of a massage dummy, and a bit of slapstick from Davito.

Oh my lord, that short run down was enough to put me off ibix - thanks for the warning!


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