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Stalked: Donnie Yen's Painted Skin and Peter Medak's Addicted

TheChangeling.jpgDonnie Yen is set to star in a big budget Chinese supernatural action film, while Peter Medak is directing an erotic thriller based on Zane's Addicted.

Donnie Yen is to star in Painted Skin, a Chinese supernatural action film with a US$10 million budget. It is set to be directed by both Wilson Yip and Andy Wing-Keung Chin. The story, according to Variety, is a period tale about a love-hate relationship between a vixen spirit and a group of humans which is adapted from a series of classic Chinese stories called Strange Tales of Liaozhai.

Peter Medak is to direct the erotic thriller Addicted by Zane (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). The story is about Zoe, a successful art dealer whose marriage, family and career are threatened by her sex addiction. Her husband struggles to open up to her sexually so she embarks on three affairs, at which point she turns to a therapist just as her world crumbles around her. According to The Hollywood Reporter Christina Welsh is adapting the novel.

Medak is mainly a television director, but there are a few notable points in his career in film direction, particularly the stunning The Changeling (Filmstalker review), there's also been The Krays, Let Him Have It and Romeo is Bleeding.



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