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Stalked: Gosling, Suvari, Jane on Watchmen, 301


Ryan Gosling is set to join Rachel Weisz in Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones according to Variety. Ryan Gosling is to play the father of a girl who has been murdered and is watching events from beyond the grave. Rachel Weisz is playing her mother.

Mena Suvari has joined the cast of The Garden of Eden, alongside Richard E. Grant, Jack Huston and Caterina Murino in the adaptation of the Ernest Hemingway novel, according to Variety. The story is in the pre-Depression era and tells the story of a wartime pilot now writer, played by Jack Huston, and his wife, played by Mena Suvari, head for an extended honeymoon in Europe and becomes bored with her husband's relentless tests of devotion, one of which is to bring another woman to their bedroom, played by Caterina Murino.

Thomas Jane is suggesting he may well be in consideration for Watchmen. In an interview at ShockTillYouDrop through Superhero Hype he responds to the question of his casting appearing on unsubstantiated internet rumours:

"Is it on the Internet?...I'm staying quiet about it. I know that Zack's interested and that's a great compliment."

Well he's being considered, but will he get the part? He has the comic book backing, he's the right build for The Comedian, the part he's rumoured to be up for, and he's available. What do you think?

National Lampoon are set to hit 300 (Filmstalker review) next with their comic take, 301. The film won't just take a pot shot at 300 though, according to Variety through Moviehole the film will hit other "sandal" type films. National Lampoon haven't really been a hitmaker of late and haven't really returned the quality that they have in the past.



It looks like I need to buy or borrow The Lovely Bones now.


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