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Stalked: John McTiernan, Private Benjamin, Carnahan competition, Kirdby Dick, Saw IV and more

Newspapers.jpgI'm going to bundle a whole list of film stories together for you, mainly because I didn't have the time to write them up fully as they appeared.

There's news about new productions such as Tester, Taildiggers, High Stakes, the life of the Mad magazine creator, Kirby Dick's new documentary, Joe Carnahan and a great competition, the first Doric feature film, Private Benjamin gets remade with Jessica Simpson, and Tartan films picks up loads for UK distribution.

Have a read through, there's a fair amount to catch up on.

DreamWorks have bought a script called Tester from a first time screenwriter called Colin Trevorrow. The story is about a young war veteran who is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and is recruited for a secret clinical trail that promises him a cure. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, he's been duped and the chip (not chop as I just wrote, what good would a pork chop do in the middle of his head?) that has been implanted in his brain is a new technology designed to control his body and use him as a weapon. The story is from The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon.

Here's an interesting comedy script that has just been picked up by Participant Productions along with Broken Lizard's Jay Chandrasekhar and Julia Dray. It's called Taildraggers and is about a group of aimless twenty year olds who work as pilots for a tiny airline in the Alaskan wilderness. They are called into action when they discover that a competing airline is tied up with a plot to siphon oil out of a nature preserve. So they head off to do the right thing. The story is from Variety.

Joe Carnahan is going to be opening a very cool competition on his website Smokin' Joe Carnahan, and it's a rather big competition. He's asking people to name the prequel film to Smokin' Aces (Filmstalker review). So far there's nothing much else about it, but while he is talking about that film in one post, in another he says he's hoping to release the White Jazz script on the site. You know Carnahan sounds like a real top bloke.

Kirby Dick makes excellent documentaries, full stop. Twist of Faith (Filmstalker review) and This Film is Not Yet Rated (Filmstalker review) both lay testament to that. His latest documentary The Glass Closet has just received funding from The Sundance Institute Documentary Fund according to The Hollywood Reporter, along with a fair few others ranging from films about Iran and Cameroon to films about sex addiction and politics. I'm a fan of Kirby Dick, so roll on his next documentary.

Mark Stirton was one of the men behind the The Planet (Filmstalker review), the first science fiction film to be made purely in Scotland and with Scottish talent. Now he's just completed the first feature length film to be made in Doric.

Now for those of you who don't know what Doric is, it's the traditional language of Scotland. Yes, most people will bang on about Gaelic and the Government even piles huge amounts of money into teaching Gaelic in schools, but the most common language in Scotland per head was Doric.

You can read more about the language on Wikipedia, and even learn how to speak some, my Mum is quite fluent in it, especially after a few glasses of red wine!

Mark Stirton has taken one of his first films, Removals, and made it into a feature film, and all in the traditional language of Doric. The film tells the story of a couple of removal men who are out on a job which goes disastrously wrong, and they soon find themselves accidentally killing people across the North East of Scotland. The news from The Scotsman.

The remake of Private Benjamin starring Goldie Hawn seems to be right here as Jessica Simpson is lined up to play a rich pampered woman who enlists in the US Marines to prove to a studio that she has what it takes for an upcoming serious military film.

According to Variety when she gets to the camp she realises she's made a mistake but stays for the good of her country. Steve Miner is set to direct. If this isn't Private Benjamin I don't know what is.

John McTiernan is a god of action cinema, anyone who thinks otherwise can go jump. He was responsible for Die Hard and Predator, and that's enough of a reason for me. He's going to be directing another film called High Stakes which sees two friends realise they are in over their heads when they are the collateral of a high-stakes bet. The story comes from Yahoo News.

The story of publisher William M. Gaines is coming to the big screen, this is the man who was behind Tales From the Crypt and Mad magazine. The story will follow the group of people who worked to create these comics, in particular Tales From the Crypt which resulted in Gaines being pulled up in front of a Senate subcommittee to defend his work. According to Yahoo News Joel Eisenberg is writing the script.

According to Darren Lynn Bousman's MyMarketingSpace site Saw IV has finished shooting and they've moved into editing. Was that me or was that really fast?

Tartan films have picked up the UK distribution rights to the Franck Khalfoun film P2 which is about a woman stalked by a murderous security guard in a parking garage. They've also picked up the rights for Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park and his fully restored Mala Noche, Carlos Reygadas' Silent Light, Kim Ki-duk's Breath and Time, Kim Jee-Woon's The Good, The Bad and The Weird and Chan Wook Park's I Am Cyborg, But That's OK. Wow, that's a great slate, and all coming to the UK. The news comes from Variety.



Re: Private Benjamin

Oh please, not another remake!


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