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Stalked: Joshua clips and From Inside opening online

SamRockwell.jpgA couple of clips for you. First up we have the opening three minutes of the film From Inside, a tale of survivors of an apocalypse stranded aboard a moving train where they have to rebuild society, and a few clips from Joshua, the scary kid who has a high degree of intelligence, and a very twisted set of morality.

From Inside is an animated film of his graphic novel which looks at a society forming on a train which houses a group of survivors after an apocalyptic event. Aboard the train society begins to re-establish itself through the carriages and classes of the train. The opening three minutes look gorgeous to watch, however there's really not a lot to it as yet, although the train looks stunning. The only shot of a person is a stylised still which I hope the whole film isn't going to be like.

Todd over at Twitch has the link to the footage which you can find on the official film site by selecting Media.

Joshua is a different story. Sam Rockwell and Vera Farmiga star as parents of Joshua have another child Lily, and her arrival causes a shift in the amazingly bright Joshua. He becomes sinister and manipulative, and pretty soon the child, and the parents seem to be in danger.

You can see the clips over at HorrorMovies.ca, and you can see the trailer right here.

Both look very interesting films, and yet both couldn't be further apart from each other.



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