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Stalked: Roy Scheider and Champagne Sky

RoyScheider.jpgThe film noir If I Didn't Care starring Roy Scheider gets a US release and The Champagne Sky documentary, about a Mossad agent who turns into his cover story, is being made into a feature.

A deal has been made to bring the film noir thriller If I Didn't Care to US audiences. The film stars Bill Sage as a Hampton real estate agent that plots with his mistress to murder his wife with Roy Scheider playing the cop who is trying to catch him. Roy Scheider is cracking actor, and it's been a long time since I've seen him in anything strong, could this be something for his talents? The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Meragel Hashampaniya (The Champagne Sky) is a documentary about a Mossad agent who becomes attached to his cover identities and starts to become the characters who front him. Wolfgang Lotz was using the cover of a millionaire ex-Nazi playboy in 1960's Cairo, and started becoming the character. The film follows his son's discovery of the multiple characters he played. Now it's been picked up at the L.A. Film Festival and is to be turned into a feature film with the documentary writer and director Nadav Schirman adapting it. The story comes from the L.A. Times.



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