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Stalked: Scorpion King 2 and Carice van Houten joins Cruise

CaricevanHouten.jpgA director is assigned to Scorpion King 2, and Carice can Houten is joining the big name cast Valkyrie.

Russell Mulcahy has been hired to direct Scorpion King 2 according to Shock Till You Drop through Cooming Soon.

Who is Russell Mulcahy? Well think Resident Evil: Extinction, or better than that, think The Shadow, a film I think is very mistakenly slated, or even better what about Highlander? So the talent is there, although it has been on and off, the question remains, will The Rock be there?

Carice van Houten last seen in Black Book has joined Bryan Singer's Valkyrie as the wife of the lead character Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg played by Nu through Tom Cruise. The story comes from Coming Soon.

This cast is looking stronger and stronger by the minute, and with McQuarrie and Singer on the project I can't think that anything bad can come of this film, can you? This is also great news for van Houten, she's really climbing the acting ladder fast.



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