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Stalked: The Sisters Grimm, Matthew Vaughn, My Samurai and urban street racing

MatthewVaughn.jpgMatthew Vaughn's production company signs a three year deal with Sony, My Samurai could be an interesting comedy, The Sisters Grimm marks another children's franchise to be adapted from a novel series, and Fast Track: No Limits is a new urban street racing film on the go.

Michael Buckley's children's book series The Sisters Grimm is set to be adapted for the big screen according to Variety. The series has fifteen books in total, and the film is set to adapt the first three novels - expect there to be a franchise out of this one as well. The story sees the orphaned sisters Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, descendants of the Brothers Grimm, set out to find their parents.

The Director of Wild Hogs, Walt Becker, is directing the film My Samurai from a script by Matt Lopez according to Variety. The comedy will see an American business man on a business trip to Japan, save the life of a homeless Japanese man who claims to be a Samurai warrior. When the business man returns to America the Samurai appears on his doorstep and pledges allegiance and loyalty to him. Comedy ensues. Now I can see this going either way can't you? It could be very funny or slapstick and perhaps quite insulting. Let's hope it's the latter!

Matthew Vaughn is being picked up as a serious talent in Hollywood. If Layer Cake (Filmstalker review) wasn't enough to convince there's Stardust around the corner, even if it isn't setting any studios alight with desire as yet. Now according to CHUD he's signed a first look deal between his company Marv Films with Sony Pictures for three years.

Fast Track: No Limits is a new film which is described by Variety as urban street racing drama which is currently being filmed in Germany and spoken in English has been sold to France's M6 distribution company. There aren't any other details out about the planned distribution or the film. However it does bode well for the petrol heads out there. Me included. It's written by US TV writer Lee Goldberg and directed by German director Axel Sand.



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