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Stalked: Thurman and Considine in My Zinc Bed and Cowboys & Aliens live action

UmaThurman.jpgUma Thurman, Paddy Considine and Jonathan Pryce are taking another British stage play to the big screen in My Zinc Bed, and the comic Cowboys & Aliens is being adapted for the big screen for a live action feature.

Uma Thurman, Paddy Considine and Jonathan Pryce are set to star in the film version of the stage play My Zinc Bed which will be adapted by its writer, David Hare and directed by Anthony Page. Interestingly the film will be broadcast on the internet by HBO Films. The story is about a young idealistic alcoholic who has an affair with his boss' wife. It looks as though Considine will play the alcoholic with the other two roles being pretty obvious. These three names are a pretty powerful bunch, and could pull the performance off on stage or not. The story comes from Variety.

Cowboys & Aliens is set to be turned into a live action film with Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby set to adapt it to a screenplay. I didn't know anything about the story, but when I read the title from the Variety story I instantly had an image, and I was right. Cowboys and Indians are fighting away in the 1800's when a space ship lands and the aliens try to take over the land. However the Cowboys and Indians team up and fight back...yes, they really do. I don't know about you but this sounds utterly ridiculous. Which way is it going to go? Comedy, kids, action, a bit of everything? Has anyone read the comic and can let us know?



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