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Stalked: Voltron, Jessica Alba on Fantastic Four 3 and August Rush trailer

JessicaAlba.jpgThe script for the robot film Voltron has been reviewed online, Jessica Alba would like Sue as a mother for Fantastic Four 3, and there's a restricted trailer for August Rush online.

I have no idea what or who Voltron is having never seen the cartoon, but I believe it's more huge robots for us. I think the idea came around the time when there were a group of heroes who operated robot vehicles of some description which can combine to make one big robot. Exciting stuff. Now I remember why I never watched these programmes. Anyway, there's a script review online over at Latino Review and they rate it with an A+, saying that everything about it works and that they shouldn't change the script at all.

Jessica Alba is reported as saying she'd like to be in a third Fantastic Four film, and that's probably because there will be anyway, so why burn your bridges. She says she'd like to see Sue being a mother. Oh lord, that means we'll have a superkid with rubber and invisible abilities. Every boys dream. Her comment comes through WENN and Starpulse News Blog. Yes it seems as though Fantastic Four will continue to be played for fun.

Finally there's a trailer online for the film August Rush starring Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Robin Williams, Freddie Highmore, Terrence Howard, and Keri Russell. It's the story of a boy who is born out of the one night stand between two incredibly talented musicians. He is adopted and brought up in New York, using his inherited musical ability to gain cash and also to track down his parents. It sounds twee as anything, but it has a few big names. You can see the US and Canada restricted trailer over at Moviefone who, along with MTV, keep doing this idiotic restriction. Through Rope of Silicon.



I don't think this woman can act.

i really really want the next part of fantastic four so i wish this coming 2008 i watch the fantastic four 3, this film is very good not only to thumbs up but 3 thumbs up.


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