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Update: Stalked: World of Warcraft and Diablo films, Wilson and Owen in Tropic Thunder and Jacquou le Croquant trailer

OwenWilson.jpgOwen Wilson and Nick Nolte join Tropic Thunder, Diablo and World of Warcraft are set to get a film treatment, and the trailer for the French film Jacquou le Croquant looks glorious.

Owen Wilson and Nick Nolte have joined the film Tropic Thunder, this is the film directed by Ben Stiller that takes off so any before it, primarily The Three Amigos. It tells the story of a group of actors playing mercenaries on location and get caught up in a real war being mistaken for their characters. Ben Stiller, Justin Theroux and Etan Cohen wrote the script which Stiller will direct. Already on board are such names as Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr. and Steve Coogan. The story comes from Variety.

Legendary Pictures have announced a few interesting titles on their upcoming films list on their official site. World of Warcraft and Diablo, they are also producing the Clash of the Titans remake. The news comes from their site through Coming Soon. Both seem rich in content, although World of Warcraft would seem the hotter property.

Here's an interesting trailer for a film I know nothing about, but the trailer seems fascinating, sounds wonderful and looks gorgeously shot. Jacquou le Croquant is a remake and an adaptation of the novel by Eugène Le Roy (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) and stars Gaspard Ulliel from Hannibal Rising and other strong actors such as the recognisable Tchéky Karyo.

It's well worth a look and if you like trailers then this will captivate you I'm sure. You can see the trailer directly here in low or high resolution [QT] from Nance on Movie-List Forums.

Update: 20/06/2007
Now this is interesting, according to xerel on the WOW Forus the Diablo film has been removed from the front page of the Legendary site already...and on checking they are right, it's gone. So what does that mean...other than they've taken it down of course! Was it ever in production, or should it not have been announced?



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