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Star in Watchmen or Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

300.jpgThere are two cracking opportunities online just now, and both could mean a role in a major film. Would you like to star in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince or perhaps even Watchmen? Well you can you know!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is holding an open casting call for two characters, Lavender Brown and Tom Riddle. The casting will be in London on July the 1st for Lavender Brown and 8th for Tom Riddle at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre starting from 10:00 with the line closing at 13:00. If you don't know the characters you can read the full casting calls over at Empire.

Okay, that one not for you? How about a role in Watchmen then? This one is a bit tougher though. You have to sign up on the Join the 300 site and complete in various tasks to get your score up to 300. Two people will then be selected at random to go to Comic Con, compete in a couple of other tasks and the winner will then get a role in the film! Could that be the Comedian? I doubt it, but it's still a role none the less. Happy hunting, the news comes from MoviesOnline.



Its a shame that the 300 competition only allows people in the US to enter, booo! it's a shame i'm not 17 anymore i'd love to be in harry potter!

I know...same for me. If I wasn't old, fat, ugly and Scottish then I would be great in either film!!


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