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Stone of Destiny theft gets filmed

StoneofDestiny.jpgCharlie Martin Smith is to direct a Scottish heist film that will also have a fair amount of comedy. What's more is that it is a true story and a controversial one when it comes to the Scots. The film will portray the stealing of the Stone of Destiny from England to return it to it's rightful place in Scotland.

The Stone of Destiny, often referred to as the Stone of Scone, is a stone that was once kept at the Abbey in Scone in Scotland. For centuries it was the stone upon which all monarchs of Scotland were crowned from the very first King back in 847. There are many legends about the origin of the stone, one of which even dates back to biblical times.

In 1296 Edward I stole the stone as spoils of war and took it to Westminster Abbey where it was built into a St. Edward's Chair and used for the coronation of all English and British monarchs. It is said however that Edward I stole the wrong stone and the real Stone of Destiny has been hidden somewhere ever since.

The stone remained there until 1950, when on Christmas Day a group of Scottish students stole the stone and returned it to Scotland, albeit briefly. During the heist it was broken, along with one of the students toes, and the two pieces travelled seperately to Scotland where they were repaired and passed into the hands of the Church of Scotland. They informed the police and the stone was returned to Westminster Abbey. The Scottish students who reclaimed the stone, Ian Hamilton, Gavin Vernon, Kay Matheson and Alan Stuart avoided any prosecution.

Then in 1996 the Government finally arranged for the stone to be returned to Scotland, and it now resides in Edinburgh Castle. However it will travel to Westminster Abbey for future coronations.

Charlie Martin Smith is currently scouting locations around Glasgow for filming, and word is that a few cast members are already in place. According to The Scotsman Kate Mara, Shooter (Filmstalker review), is set to join and Charlie Cox, from Stardust, is already signed to play the ringleader, Ian Hamilton.

The only sad thing about the Stone of Destiny film is that the story is going to be a comedy, something which I think is an incredible shame considering the rich history and huge amount of feeling behind the stone from both Scotland and England. Taking just a part of this could make for a great drama.

Oh, and where are the Scottish actors? I know there doesn't have to be native actors on a film set in a specific country, but when the tale is so nationalistic then why not? Especially since the budget is a mere US$6 million. Surely instead of blowing that on the Hollywood actors it could have been used in the film and smaller, Scottish names chosen?



Amazing, this article is so misinformed. The script only has comedic elements in so far as the four lead actors bumbled and stumbled a bit with the heist. The story itself is serious and if it werent Ian Hamilton would not have approved the script. Also, theh budget is NOT in Us dollars but $13 million US and thus $6 million pounds. Good Grief! Dont believe everything you read on the internet

I love it when articles I write from other sources get attacked. I almost wonder why I bother.

Anyway, I do notice that I've missed out the source of the article on the story, which I think was the Scotsman. I'll have to dig that one up and write in the link again.

As far as I am concerned all those details are taken from the source article and IMDB, so until other stories appear to counter those facts, that's what I'll write about.

Have you read the script, or do you have an article from someone who has or has interviewed people close to the production?

As for the budget, I think what you're trying to say is that the budget is £6million British Pounds.

Again I'd like the source for that too so that we can inform everyone. If you don't want people to believe everything they read on the Internet then there's hardly any reason for them to believe your comments is there?

Ah, the Stone of Destiny, the one in Edinburgh Castle might not even be the right one, so our tourguide said. Having just returned from Scotland and absorbing as much history as I can, I will be looking forward to watch this. Youre right Richard, this could make for a very interesting dramatic film.

There is definitley a school thought that the "stone of scone" that was blagged by eddie longshanks was simply a lump of local sandstone subsituted by the monks at scone Abbey, as they knew edward was coming to get it, as he reckoned that Robert the Bruce could not be crowned legaly or at least traditionaly without the "STONE "you have to bear in mind that to the monks, this stone was in fact "Jacobs Pillow " of biblical fame.!
So in all Probability the stone should have been left in England as more hallowed english butts have sat on it they were crowned.!!

Our sacred stane still safely lies
Below the earth ,neath perthshires skies
Long years ago laid deep doon
Buried well,by the monks of Scone.

Scota brought it long ago
Jacobs pillow black as sloe
Crowning stane of our ancient sires
Sacred seat forged in fire.

He thought the stane he carried south
But word had came by loyal mouth
A heavy burden Edward took
But the "LIA"Faill "ner Scotland forsook.

Robert last on moothills mound
Sat the stane our Hero crowned
The Hammer in the south did rage
His foolstone locked in Westminsters cage.

When Robert died sae long ago
We battled again our southern foe
Years of grief,of blood and pain
Our freedom buried like the stane.

Some say Angus took it to the isles
As our land and people faced thier trials
But many believe its laid deep doon
In the ancient fields of Scone.

Oh tae find it and wake renewed
And climb the ladder Jacob viewed
Rung by rung till we reach the sky
Our search for destiny will never die.
Dave cruickshank.Perth.

What I really meant to say is that the Stone of Scone story certainly goes a lot deeper than a 1950 student prank.!Its pretty significant in our history and I hope any movie will at least have a delve back into the History of the Stone. cheers.dave.c.

It certainly does Dave, thanks for the great comment and the good slice of history.

I'm sure there will be some sort of recap or setting to show how important the stone is, but I don't see them going too far, and I agree it is a shame. The whole story of the stone is a good one, but how could it be made into a complete film?

I think you are right Richard,! they wont go too far into the history of the stone,or they could end up shooting themselves in the foot.cheers.dave.c.

Ouch, that will truly hurt!

Billy Boyd and Robert Carlyle are also starring in this film. I was working as an extra on this movie and got some good behind the scene shots. Yes it is a comedy but there has been a love story interwined aswell. The scenes that were shot last week in glasgow however did go into detail of the stone and there was a huge scene where Robert Carlyle was reading the covenant to a room full of people, persuading them to sign up for scotland.

For the true story of The Stone look here:- http://i.am/jah/stone.htm

our sacred stane will soon return


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