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Straightheads gets name change and US DVD release

Straightheads.jpgStraightheads is to receive a name change for the US release and it will be heading straight to video according to the Director Dan Reed from his blog.

Straightheads, which will be called Closure in the US, is the story of a middle class couple who are brutally attacked one night, and I mean brutally. Afterwards they struggle to come to terms with the affects of the event, and the simplest of human emotions comes to them, anger, hatred and then revenge.

It stars Gillian Anderson and Danny Dyer. Dyer is a slow rising British talent who is putting in strong performance after strong performance, and thankfully sticking to British films. Anderson has somewhat reinvented herself of late and is proving that she has acting talents galore, as well as leaving far behind the burden of Scully. Oh, and did I mention she's looking amazing?

I really wanted to catch the film when it was released in the UK but it received a limited showing where I am and I missed it. I'm still hoping to see it on DVD, or perhaps some kind soul at Verve will drop me a copy for review. Either way it's on my to watch list, and I suggest it should be on yours too.

Have any readers seen it, and can you comment on the film and Writer/Director Dan Reed's work?

It has been criticised for the graphic violence shown of the attack, which without seeing it I can't really comment on for sure, but it does strike me that portraying such a violent and life destroying act would need something more than off camera sounds or arty shots. I seem to recall similar things being said about a film of which Straightheads has drawn any comparisons, Straw Dogs.



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