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Strathairn joins Tale of Two Sisters remake

DavidStrathairn.jpgA Tale of Two Sisters, the Hollywood remake of the Asian horror film, has just had the male lead join, and it's none other than the excellent actor David Strathairn.

He joins Elizabeth Banks who has already signed up for the remake of Kim Jee-Woon's film to be directed by Thomas and Charles Guard.

The story is about two sisters who return home after a spell in a mental institution. There they are subjected to their stepmother's cruel ways and the arrival of a ghost who won't leave them alone. Elizabeth Banks plays the stepmother and David Strathairn is to play the father.

The story from The Hollywood Reporter through Bloody Disgusting does show that the film is being taken seriously with such a big name and talented actor. I'm really interested to see who will play the sisters next, and to see if they are equally talented.

I am a bit concerned though if A Tale of Two Sisters really does need to be remade, just as many of the Asian films in Hollywood don't really need a remake. I wonder if this one will match or outdo the original. At its best it will match it, but do we really care? Will you see this Hollywood remake over the original? Will it make you watch the original for the first time?



I havent seen the original, what would you recommend I see, Odishon/Audition or this one?


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