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Stylish Blood Brothers (Tian tang kou) trailers

There are two trailers for Tian tang kou (Blood Brothers) from Alexi Tan that have caught my eye. The film is set in Shanghai during the 1930's and is inspired by John Woo's classic film Bullet in the Head.

It's a slick looking film with some strong action and some extremely stylish looking shots and it promises to try to be an epic film. It does look great. The cast looks strong too, something that you can see from the trailer itself. Not only is Alexi Tan helming, but John Woo and Terence Chang are producing.

The trailer is over at the Blood Brothers official site through Cinemasie and Twitch - they don't have bring me to some new films, that's why I like reading those guys.

Anyway, back to the trailer for Tian tang kou (Blood Brothers). Doesn't it look good? Are you not really an Asian cinema fan? Would this perhaps tempt you?



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