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Talk to Me clips online with Cheadle, Sheen and Ejiofor

DonCheadle.jpgDon Cheadle is a superb actor, without a doubt, and his latest role looks set to compound that fact. You can see just why it will by watching these five clips that have appeared online for his film Talk to Me!

Don Cheadle plays Ralph "Petey" Greene, a man who came out of prison and managed to talk his way into appearing on the radio, and when he does he's controversial and outspoken, something that captures a huge audience and propels him towards fame. At the same time he starts using his new found voice to tap into, and help voice, the social issues of the 1960's.

One thing I've noticed about Talk To Me to date, mainly from the trailer, is that it doesn't carry that overly cheesy feel to the period. Usually films of the sixties and seventies can be overpowered by the style of the production, but here they've managed to date it, but not go too far.

The other thing is the talent involved. Apart from Cheadle there's the superb Chiwetel Ejiofor and Martin Sheen, both excellent talents.

Here's the trailer once again for you in the main article. The clips are over at IESB [Flash:Embed].



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