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The Flying Scotsman Scottish press adverts

The-Flying-Scotsman-UK-Pres.jpgGreat news for those in the UK, The Flying Scotsman is coming to cinemas this weekend, just three days to go. The more amazing news is that the marketing company have been so kind as to pick up the Filmstalker review quote for the newspaper advertising.

So if you're looking in The Daily Record, The Herald, The Scotsman or the Evening News on Friday, check out the advert, and then head to the cinema to see the film. I mean every word of that quote, read the review and see for yourself.

Fancy seeing the full advert? Well you can either head over to the Flying Scotsman site and see the full Scottish poster for the full size, or here's a small version.

Don't forget that I'm meeting the Director, Douglas Mackinnon, this Thursday. So if you have any questions to ask him let me know and I shall.




Like I told you last Saturday, I had to stop in the middle of the Wembley Park tube station when I saw the poster to check if they used your quote, was disappointed that they didnt! So this is great news indeed Richard!!! ;)


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