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The Host (Gwoemul) gets a Korean sequel?

TheHost_Poster.jpgThere's already a US remake to The Host (Gwoemul) (Filmstalker review) in the works, but it appears that Korean filmmakers are going to make their own sequel to the film and using Korean talent.

The original Host was made with the assistance of foreign technical staff on the CGI work, some of who are from the US. This time around, according to the CEO of Chungeorahm Film, the production and distribution company behind the first film, the CGI work will be done with domestic technology, and presumably staff as well. However the Director Bong Joon-ho will not direct this sequel.

This is going to be really interesting as this sequel to The Host (Gwoemul) will be purely Korean will be made while Hollywood is developing a remake of the original.

We heard about The Host remake at the end of last year, and at the start of this year it was confirmed. At that time it didn't sound at all promising, with the producers saying that they were remaking a generic monster film. The sequel news comes from Yonhap News and The Korean Times

I'm disappointed that the original Director Bong Joon-ho won't be on the Korean sequel, but even then it has to be better than the US remake, surely?



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