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Tobe Hooper directs terrorist film

TobeHooper.jpgTobe Hooper is leaving the traditional horror ground and moving into a tale of terrorist...well, terror.

The story for Training Ground comes from the UK writer Andy Briggs and tells the story of a group of backpackers travelling through Silk Road are caught in an avalanche and their truck is rendered useless. So they head off for some help and soon they find a local village and happen apon a training camp for Al Qaeda.

Rummaging through the documents they find plans to attack several U.S. cities and they make off with them trying to get them to someone who can prevent the attacks. Meanwhile the terrorists return to find their plans missing and head off in pursuit. The travellers don't realise that the terrorists have already hit one city, Los Angeles, and so it's a race against time.

The story comes from ShockTillYouDrop.com through Coming Soon.

I really wouldn't associate a film like this with Tobe Hooper, and yet it does sound kind of interesting that a more thriller type film would be handled by a more horror labelled director. I always think that most horror is a good thriller with more gore!

What do you think, could Hooper do something special here, or should we be looking more to a traditional thriller director for this?

On a total aside Hooper directed two horror films which were really struck me when I was younger, Lifeforce and Salem's Lot.



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