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Tobin Bell joins Repo Opera

TobinBell.jpgRepo! The Genetic Opera! has picked up Tobin Bell, which is no surprise since he has been the star of the Saw series of which Darren Lynn Bousman is also creator.

Tobin Bell reveals that there will be singing from the opening moment, and that with the seventy seven songs that there won't be a word of dialogue. He also reveals that he can sing.

The announcement from MTV Movies Blog has Tobin Bell revealing the scary news.

"Yes, I can sing...I’m a guitar player and a singer"

Is that just me or is that scarier than Saw? Just kidding Mr Bell! Both Bell and Darren Lynn Bousman say that the music in Repo! The Genetic Opera! is excellent and really catchy, however I'm not sure if that's all it needs to make it work.

Is there a place in the film audience's heart for a new rock opera, and one that's full of comedy and some campness? A cross between Tommy and Rocky Horror perhaps? I'm really on the fence about this film, it has a lot of work to do to break stereotypes and expectations in this genre.



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