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Tonight, He Comes gets name change

WillSmith.jpgTonight, He Comes, the title of the superhero film from Peter Berg featuring Will Smith, Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman has had a name change, and it's stunning. Instead of Tonight, He Comes, the film will now be called John Hancock.

What is that all about? Now if it was a serious superhero film that's concentrating on characterisation then I could perhaps see this choice, but it's not is it? Perhaps I'm wrong, maybe that really is the way they are pitching it now and hence the name change. After all the previous title was quite innuendo filled and amusing.

The story comes from Cinematical through the cool Obsessed With Film.

So Tonight, He Comes becomes John Hancock, a good move or not? I never think that name changes are a good sign. Recently the French film Ne le dis à personne (Filmstalker review) has been marketed as Tell No One, so I know that some French film fans almost missed it over here, and a couple of people went not realising it was French. Do name changes just confuse the audience?



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