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Twisted remakes classic Karloff and Lugosi films

BorisKarloff.jpgTalking of remakes, Twisted Pictures are heading for the remake barrel, and they're going all the way to the bottom. In a deal with RKO Pictures they are set to remake four classic films from their library, films which starred names such as Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.

Well I guess these will work on the remake slate because these were made so long ago audiences will probably never have seen them, never mind heard of them, and there's nothing that couldn't be improved on them surely? (That's a loaded question...answer at your own peril!)

Currently the deal, according to Variety, covers The Body Snatcher from 1945, I Walked With a Zombie from 1946 and Bedlam from 1943. The fourth title has yet to be chosen.

The co-President of Evolution, Mark Burg, who own Twisted Pictures said:

"We've thought a long time about how to update these classic titles to make them commercial...If these films go well, we hope it leads to more."

Mmm...I'm not sure if we do though.

The Body Snatcher: Directed by Robert Wise starring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi is adapted from the Robert Louis Stevenson short story. The film is set in Edinburgh (yes, that's where I am) and tells the story of Dr. MacFarlane who has been paying a cabman, John Gray, to steal fresh bodies from the grave for his classroom demonstrations. As the graveyards are getting more police presence, Gray starts murdering people to supply the Doctor with bodies, and when he finds out he must decide to take matters into his own hands.

I Walked With a Zombie is about a nurse who arrives in the West Indies to look after the wife of a plantation owner. Jessica is suffering from a mental paralysis from some kind of fever, and when Betsy falls for Paul, Jessica's husband, she decides to turn to voodoo to try and cure the woman and make Paul happy. We all know that's a bad move!

Bedlam stars Karloff once again. The film tells the story of Nell Bowen who becomes too interested in the condition of the notorious asylum St. Mary's of Bethlehem, otherwise known as Bedlam. The rather unhinged manager of the Asylum has her commited there before she can cause too much trouble, and so she finds herself amongst the insane.



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