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Tyson in Bollywood

MikeTyson.jpgMike Tyson in Bollywood? Say it isn't so? Well it's true, not only has he appeared dancing in a music video promoting the Bollywood film Fool n Final, but he's been offered a part in a new Bollywood film.

Mike Tyson danced to Bollywood music in the music video that will promote Fool n Final. He had to receive special permission to go to the filming as he is currently facing charges for drug possession and driving under the influence of drugs in another state. Never mind, what's the small matter of the law when it comes to making a music video.

The film is a Bollywood version of Snatch, according to Filmstalker reader Ramchandra who has a review of the film over on his site. Here's his quick synopsis of the film:

"As a comical take on Snatch with over-the-top action and crazy additions that all defy logic, it holds up as mildly entertaining but nothing more."

According to Yahoo News Tyson has said that Firoz Nadiadwala, a Producer on the film, has approached him with a script and they have been discussing it. Tyson said of the film and the video filming:

"We seriously intend to work toward it...The atmosphere was very congenial, happy and energetic...I was, anyway, in that phase when I didn't mind trying out something different...The script seemed very interesting, with lots of excitement thrown in."

It's hard to believe that this is where Tyson is, but acting is perhaps an interesting outlet for him, mind you I would prefer to see him in Hollywood, and maybe regain some of his former composure. What do you think of the dancing Bollywood Tyson?



It was pretty much a hip hop shake your head type thing, he wasn't busting out a proper groove or anything :)

I think the major attraction to working in Bollywood is probably quite simple. He can easily maintain the hard-man image if he wants because 80's heroes of Hollywood like Stallone and Arnie are stlll acceptable in Bollywood in that specific niche of films. If Sunny Deol or Sanjay Dutt are in an action film, you expect no less than super-human strength with no logical explanation.

It's a good thing I think, that rather than killing the history of such film eras, we tend to maintain it through a niche market thus having a Rambo style film every so often to fill the hunger of the fans of the genre, perhaps even introducing new people to it.

I actually think it's a shame we don't have those kind of characters anymore and we're relying on the few big franchises to give us them.


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