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UK cinemas diversify with unique Genesis HD concert

VueCinemas.jpgThere's a change in the film audience that seems to be scaring Hollywood, people are turning more to the Internet and downloading films, with the new high definition DVD formats and Televisions, home cinema the options are improving for the home audience.

We're seeing film rentals over the Internet, allowing you to download films to your computer, portable devices, game consoles, we're even starting to see films being released directly onto the internet.

Hollywood doesn't want to change though, they're struggling to come to terms with the new shift of the audience and many of the companies supplying them.

What of the cinemas? Well there's a big move towards high definition, but for the big chains they are still showing the mainstream films from Hollywood, and if the audience turns more to the internet and home cinema, what are they to do?

The UK cinema chain Vue is starting to do something about this and is diversifying, looking to their audience and seeing if there's something new that they could offer them. They want to make the cinema a place of entertainment rather than just a place to show the latest films.

Already Vue have had some special events. They've shown the Oscars from satellite TV, World Cup matches, and even tied in with musical events to show DVD performances.

Now though they're looking to show their most ambitious event to date. A live, satellite fed showing of a spectacular Genesis concert in Düsseldorf to multiple cinemas around the UK, broadcast in a unique high definition mix with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.

Genesis is currently touring in their Turn It On Again tour, and are appearing in a spectacular stage event - the stage consists of a massive wave of LCD monitors and two huge projection screens and an incredible lighting system. I've seen photos and a colleague has been to one of the shows, and it looks spectacular.

To broadcast this event they've had to create the broadcast system pretty much from scratch, all except the satellite of course. In most cases the Vue cinemas broadcasting the event have had to apply for planning permission and install satellite the systems especially.

On the ground at the concert high definition cameras will be in place solely for this broadcast and will be mixed live in the onsite broadcast unit. The unique audio mix is to be created live by Nick Davis, Genesis' own Producer, and will also be fed to the broadcast unit for mixing and transmission.

From the broadcast unit the Vue audio and video mix is sent to the satellite and is beamed across the UK where each individual cinema that has a satellite dish installed receives the signal and pulls it into another digital system.

Here the audio and video are re-synched, as the mix can often fall out of sync during the satellite transmission. It's at this point that the broadcast enters the cinema.

Each cinema is equipped to play high definition with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, making this a truly high definition and unique experience. The Vue broadcast will only be shown live in Vue cinemas.

To test the system for real the recent Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer red carpet event was broadcast on the system, live into various UK cinemas to show prior to the film itself.

Although this is a first time and a unique event for Vue it isn't going to be the last. Vue are planning to broadcast one or two musical events a month into their cinemas using this system, and it doesn't end there. This could be used for all types of broadcasts from premieres and award ceremonies to sporting events and more concerts.

Even if you aren't a Genesis fan I suggest heading over to Vue to read more about it and maybe attend this unique event itself. This does mark a new move for cinemas and something that could make them more of a place for all types of entertainment, diversifying from merely showing films.

There are tickets still available if you want to book for the 27th of July [June that should be - why didn't anyone else point that out sooner?!] and experience a unique high definition Genesis concert. Just visit the Vue Genesis Larger Than Live event page and hit the book now logo.

Would you go and see your favourite group in a local setting such as this or does the high definition digital experience not appeal? What other events would you be likely to go and see on a cinema screen other than films?

Vue Genesis Larger Than Live



Unfortunately your article states 27 July. Well the Genesis gig was last night (27 June 07). I saw it at my local Vue and it was amazing / stunning. Quality 10/10. Truly the next best thing to a live concert. Well done Vue, and well done Genesis.

Ach Richard!!!

Oops, yes I did get the date wrong, my apologies. There were loads of people visiting the link to go onto the Vue pages so I would assume they got the correct date, like yourself.

However no one in the last few weeks left a comment of correction. Oh well.

Ehr not last few weeks, because you wrote it on June 20, so that's just several days! And I was away so I suppose I am off the hook? ;)

Oi smarty pants! No, seriously, thanks Simone for keeping me right.

It is difficult to stay 100% when you're working two jobs and writing for hours a day. This is stressful, tiring but ultimately wonderful work. There's only me and I'm falable you know...

I'm a projectionist and a frequent gig-goer. I was involved throughout and I have to say I think we witnessed something special on Wednesday.
The picture was great, but the sound was phenomenal - imagine the sound from the front row of a gig, but in awesome surround sound direct through the mixing desk. Yes, it really was that loud - the bass drum went right through you, and the bass guitar and bass keyboards shook the building. When Mike Rutherford's guitar solo was literally spinning around the auditorium, and choirs from the fingers of Tony Banks wrapped around us, I knew that a new event concept was born.
Yes I work for them, but this is not a cheap advertising trick - I just hope it's the start of many more events like it (no neighbours complained this time!)
Maybe the atmosphere wasn't quite as good as being there, but that could change if enough people get into it - it aint just a sit-down popcorn gig!
The sound and picture quality were better than being there, since the auditorium in a cinema is designed specifically for the visual and acoustic experience, unlike many gig venues.
Many more please, our speakers need to be used properly more often!

Richard: Moi? Smarty pants? That made me puke my coffee! HAHAHAHA

Funny you said your fallible because I was just telling my sister after our meeting last Saturday that you're infallible (kinda like the Pope ha?) when it comes to movie news and that youre a real film authority.

*Simone stops crawling on Richard's back now*

Hey Paul, will be looking forward to more gigs in the VUE then! :)

I absolutely loved the concert at Vue in Cardiff. Everything was amazing. I would love to see more concerts like this. Genesis played woderfully and their set was perfect.


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