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UK distribution for Blindness, Blood: The Last Vampire, and more

BloodTheLastVampire.jpgPathe has bought the distribution rights for UK and France for two very interesting films. The first is Fernando Meirelles' Blindness and Chris Nahon's live action Blood: The Last Vampire. They've also acquired the UK rights to Barry Levinson's What Just Happened? and Tim Hamilton's Mama's Boy.

Blindness is the project starring Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo in the adaptation of Jose Saramago's Nobel Prize winning novel about a disease that makes people blind all across the world, and one woman who pretends to be affected in order to stay and help her husband and their town, all of whom have been struck with the disease. The film is directed by Fernando Meirelles

Blood: The Last Vampire is a manga about a young vampire slayer which has already seen a short outing in animated form. Now this is the live action version, and so far looks set to recreate the original rather closely. It's directed by Chris Nahon.

What Just Happened? is a film from Barry Levinson with an ensemble cast with such names as Robert De Niro, Bruce Willis, John Turturro, Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn and Stanley Tucci, which is based on Art Linson's own stories of being a producer in Hollywood.

Finally Mama's Boy is a comedy about a slacker whose easy life is put at threat when his mother decides to get married again.

It's great news that they are all coming to the UK, I just hope that they can receive a much wider release through other deals. This news comes from Variety.

I'm really interested in the Blood: The Last Vampire live action as I really liked the animated version I saw some time ago. The Blindness tale promises a lot from the source material, Director and stars, and What Just Happened? has the appeal of a stunning cast.

It's looking good for UK cinema, especially with the news that attendances are doing exceptionally well just now. From The Hollywood Reporter the Film Distributors Association said that attendances are up 2.3 million from this time last year and that May has been the biggest May for attendances in five years.



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