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US refugee football team film

Footballs.jpgAndrea Berloff who wrote the World Trade Center (Filmstalker review) script and is working on the Don't Look Now remake screenplay, is set to adapt the story of the Fugees. No not the group but a youth football (soccer) club that was made up of international refugees.

Actually that just sounds like a lot of football teams in the UK right now, although they aren't refugees, just international players.

The story is based on a New York Times article by Warren St. John which he also turned into a book. According to Variety the rights to the book are included in the deal as well as US$500,000 to build a football (soccer) field for the youths - I presume they mean the youths in the team itself.

The film will look at Luma Mufleh who coaches football (soccer) teams in Clarkston in the US, not only is she a woman (obviously) but she's from Jordan, both of which push against the usually male and European dominated sport. She lives in an area where refugee families from the around the world have settled, and so her team is a very multi-national team.

Although football (soccer) films aren't really huge successes, this has a little for everyone I think and won't just appeal to the usual audience. It will probably turn out to be a family film as well as one with a lot of hope and meaning to it. Plus it is going to build them a football pitch and that has to be a good thing.



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