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Valkyrie to shoot in Germany after all

TomCruise.jpgDespite previous reports that German officials were going to ban the production of Valkyrie on the grounds that the star, Tom Cruise, is a Scientologist, the film actually looks as though it will go ahead.

The German film industry are backing the production, and there are officials who want the Hollywood film to come to the countries key locations.

The film is the story of German officer Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg who led a plot to try to assassinate Hilter. Unfortunately he was executed in 1944 for the attempt, however he has become something of a hero since. Tom Cruise is to play Stauffenberg.

Of the film Cruise, through Variety, said:

"It is a very powerful film in a very crucial moment in history about the resistance in Germany against the Nazi regime…This man had incredible integrity ... a real hero. I have great admiration for him and what they tried to do."

The story also has some information from Dirk Kuehnau, head of the Bundesanstalt fuer Immobilienaufgaben (BIMA), the company in charge of government buildings.

"In this country, we have constitutionally guaranteed rights…Articles four and five of the constitution protect freedom of faith and creed and freedom of expression. I don't think those rights would be denied a film actor."

So the religious beliefs aren't the problem, well that or there's some fast backtracking going on, either way what is the real problem?

It seems that the commotion is more over the access to the locations and buildings than of Tom Cruise's religious beliefs, something that is quite common on film sets. The best example of this is the location where the conspirators were executed. The courtyard is now a memorial that is located in a building called the Bendlerblock that houses part of the German Ministry of Defense.

It is the access to the buildings and filming locations that is the real issue then, not the Scientology, a fact that the media seems slow to report since it isn't deemed so newsworthy.

From the story it seems that it isn't even the Defense Ministry that has the right to lease the building to the Film Company. It seems that the reason this story really kicked off is that someone who his against Scientology said that he had been assured by the Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung that the film wouldn't be allowed to shoot there because of the danger of the organisation.

The German government officially views Scientology as a cult and refuses to recognise it as a religion. It also goes so far as to call it a cult that exploits its members for monetary gain.

It seems that the German government and film industry are actually much happier to have the Cruise starring film, Valkyrie, filming in Germany, as this will spread the word of what the German officers tried to do, something that isn't that well known and recognised outside of Germany.



All's well that ends well then! I dunno why but I am always excited when Tom Cruise makes a movie. ;)

Good for the movie. There has been tons of hipocrisy in thia affaire. One of the main attractions of this project, to me (to many), is Cruise leading. Why is it so cool to hate him now??? Why people behave like sheep, following the voice of others instead of having an opinion of their own?

Why is Paris Hilton famous?


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